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First Wedding

My first wedding in 1964 First Wedding

My first wedding. 1964. I was twenty and on my way to London the next day. My mother, South Africa, they were all behind me now. My husband was gay, but he loved me so much he’d promised he would change. I knew he would, I’d read the books they said he wasn’t born that way. Of course not, and we’d already slept together, once. Well, the books were wrong! Poor darlings, both of us! We loved each other, we truly did and we tried hard. But when a handsome model boy crossed Selwyn's path, he knew what he had to do, and off he went with his dumb blond. But unfortunately, not to live happily ever after, for ten or so years later, he and his boyfriend perished in a fire, in the hills in LA! RIP sweet Selwyn and Brian, too.