Carol Marks

My Writing

Over seventy and still writing my story! Unraveling and understanding the erroneous beliefs that I’d surrounded myself with for many years, is at the heart of my writing. And today I stand much less unencumbered as writer, and psychotherapist. In particular, I’ve learned to welcome illusions and delusions and let them be guides to my inner system. This seems to settle them, and allows me, however briefly, to enter into the blessed light of inspiration, wisdom and creativity. It is the most joyful burst of energy I’ve ever experienced, and one I would love to share.
I invite you to join me on my journey.

My Practice

Working from the inside out, I offer a safe environment where, discovery, creativity, intimacy and direction can emerge, as clients get to know themselves. Uniquely relational yet still uniquely individual, Internal Family Systems, the model I use in my work and in my life, provides a forum where the network of relationships to oneself, as well as to others can be understood and respected.
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